What is Secondary Trauma and are you experiencing this?

¬† ¬†Parenting in and of itself is hard. Really hard. Parenting a child with a trauma history is an entirely different arena of parenting. Hard does nothing to encompass the weight and depth of this type of parenting. Many of us start to sound like navy seals using terms like, “living in the trenches”. We often can only relate to parents sharing similar experiences and like soldiers sharing war stories we find camaraderie in commiserating with one another about our latest crisis or struggles. Often we are shell-shocked and at a loss for what has happened to our high hopes for what was supposed to be a happy home. It may seem the chaos erupting under our roof, or worse, in embarrassing public outburst, are like nothing happening in in other, “normal” families. You may retreat in isolation, despair, or defeat. If this seems to be striking a nerve you could be suffering from secondary trauma, sometimes called compassion fatigue. Continue reading “What is Secondary Trauma and are you experiencing this?”